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B.Sc Nursing 3rd & 4th Sem

Publisher: BOOKERA ISBN: 9789392019203
Applied Microbiology is a book designed to teach students how to identify the ubiquity and diversity of microorganisms in the human body and the environment; how to classify and explain the morphology and growth of microbes; how to identify the various types of microorganisms; how to explore mecha..
Rs 716.00 Rs 895.00
Publisher: VPD ISBN: 9789394314047
This book was designed to enable students to acquire an understanding of the fundamentals of Microbiology, how to compare and contrast different microbes and comprehend the means of transmission and how to control spreads that are caused by various microorganisms. It also provides students with a..
Rs 400.00 Rs 500.00
Publisher: BOOKERA ISBN: 9789394875111
This book was intended for students to learn and know more about Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, and Behavioural sciences in caring for adult patients. It teaches students about various different topics such as aetiology, pathophysiology, manifestations, diagnostic studies, treatments and compl..
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Publisher: BOOKERA ISBN: 9789394875135
This course on Pathology and Genetics is introduced with the intention that by the time of the completion of the course, the students will be able to - apply the knowledge of pathology in understanding the deviations from normal to abnormal pathology, be able to rationalize the various laboratory ..
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Publisher: BOOKERA ISBN: 9789394875050
Pharmacology is a course that helps students learn more about the different types of drugs and administration, along with the structure of pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics, treatments, etc... It helps students learn about the principles of drug calculation and administration, commonly used an..
Rs 636.00 Rs 795.00
Publisher: BOOKERA ISBN: 9789394875098
This course insures that its students are able to do the following, on its completion- apply nursing process and critical thinking in delivering holistic nursing care with selected Medical and Surgical conditions; students will also be able to explain the aetiology, pathophysiology, manifestations,..
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Publisher: BOOKERA ISBN: 9789394875173
This course will enable students to describe profession and professionalism, identify the challenges of professionalism, and maintain respectful communication and relationship with other health team members, patients and society. It will teach them to demonstrate professional conduct, describe var..
Rs 160.00 Rs 200.00
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