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D Pharma (1st Yr)

Publisher: BOOKERA ISBN: 9789392019135
 Pharmacognosy is a highly inter-disciplinary science involving various subjects but quite closely related to botany. This book provides in-depth knowledge about natural sources of drugs, their chemical and pharmacological properties, and their applications. It emphasizes on basic principles o..
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Publisher: BOOKERA ISBN: 9788195062461
We believe that the flow of knowledge should be never-ending. The things we know should be passed on to others. After studying and gaining in-depth knowledge, we decided to share our perspective on the subject by explaining the topics in the syllabus in a clear, detailed and accurate manner. Each ..
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Publisher: BOOKERA ISBN: 9789392019081
 Pharmaceutics is the science of designing dosage forms which deals with the process of converting old drugs or new drug entities into safe and effective dosage forms. This book is a student-friendly and concise book that introduces the readers to various dosage forms and provides an in-depth ..
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Publisher: BOOKERA ISBN: 9789392019074
This book has been written according to the latest syllabus for Diploma in Pharmacy (part I) Examination. We have tried to present the book in a simple language and easy-to-grasp style to help the students memorize the concepts and reproduce them well in the examination. This book includes the def..
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Publisher: BOOKERA ISBN: 9789392019159
The Covid19 Pandemic has once again reminded us of the need and importance of 'Public Health and Community Medicine'. In these trying times, compiling our first edition of the textbook on Health Education and Community Pharmacy has been an immense pleasure and a ray of hope. The book is designed, k..
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