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ANM 1st Yr

Publisher: VPD ISBN: 9788193373484
Child health nursing is designed to meet all the essential requirements regarding the subject. This book has covered the entire syllabus as recommended by the INC. The book is accompanied by proper tables, diagrams, charts, and explanations wherever required with well-explained concepts. Easy refe..
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Publisher: VPD ISBN: 9788193373460
Community health nursing or public health nursing is designed by keeping in mind the student's perspective. This book is accompanied by well-designed charts, diagrams, figures, tables, and well-explained topics appropriately. The latest syllabus recommended by INC is completely covered in the book..
Rs 220.00 Rs 275.00
Publisher: VPD ISBN: 9789387077393
Primary health care is designed to meet all the essential requirements of the book regarding the subject. The book carries detailed explanations of the topics of the subject. Appropriate diagrams, tables, charts, and other essential requirements with arranged content are properly presented in the ..
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Publisher: VPD ISBN: 9789387077294
This book is coverage of entire syllabus of this subject as recommended by INC. This is designed as per the student's perspective to provide the knowledge of better understanding and easy accessibility. The complexities of topics have been avoided. Explanations are there in detail and accompanied ..
Rs 220.00 Rs 275.00
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