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Publisher: VPD ISBN: 9789394314696
The book Applied Psychology is meant for students to develop an understanding and remember what they have learnt about the basic concepts of psycholog..
Rs 360.00 Rs 450.00
Publisher: VPD ISBN: 9789394314450
"A Textbook of Biochemistry and Clinical Pathology" designed as per the syllabus prescribed for the Diploma in Pharmacy students, belonging to various..
Rs 240.00 Rs 300.00
Publisher: VPD ISBN: 9789394314818
This course is designed to help students develop broad perspectives of health, its determinants, about community health nursing and understanding abou..
Rs 240.00 Rs 300.00
Publisher: BOOKERA ISBN: 9789394875371
This book “A Textbook of Human Anatomy and Physiology for Nurses” is designed to help students to study and learn more about Anatomy related topics w..
Rs 200.00 Rs 250.00