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GNM 2nd Yr

Publisher: VPD ISBN: 9789387077164
This book is designed to meet all the essential requirements regarding the subject. Explanations are well explained, and complexities are avoided. Coverage of all the concepts is done in such a manner that access to any topic will be easy for the student. Examples, charts, diagrams are provided w..
Rs 300.00 Rs 375.00
Publisher: VPD ISBN: 9789387077539
This is for students of GNM. This is designed as per the student's perspective to provide the knowledge of better understanding and easy accessibility. The complexities of topics have been avoided. Explanations are there in detail and accompanied with diagrams, flow charts, tables, and examples w..
Rs 320.00 Rs 400.00
Publisher: VPD ISBN: 9789394314238
Medical-surgical nursing part 1 and 2 for GNM has covered all the essential requirements of the subject. A detailed explanation of topics is given wherever required and accompanied with diagrams, charts, and tables for a proper explanation. Proper content is designed for easy access. Appropriate ..
Rs 556.00 Rs 695.00
Publisher: VPD ISBN: 9789394314368
This book of Mental Health & Psychiatric Nursing is specially designed for GNM. It contains all the essential topics and information related to the subject. All topics are well explained and accompanied with extra information wherever required. Content is designed in a proper way to make it e..
Rs 300.00 Rs 375.00
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