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B.Sc Nursing

Publisher: BOOKERA ISBN: 9789392019203
Applied Microbiology is a book designed to teach students how to identify the ubiquity and diversity of microorganisms in the human body and the environment; how to classify and explain the morphology and growth of microbes; how to identify the various types of microorganisms; how to explore mecha..
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Publisher: BOOKERA ISBN: 9789394875166
This book contains information on how to explore the history and scope of forensic nursing practice, identify forensic teams, roles and responsibilities of forensic nursing in total care of victim of violence and in preservation of evidence and developing a basic understanding of the Indian judici..
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Publisher: BOOKERA ISBN: 9789394875197
This book contains information on how to- describe assessments, initial management, referral and respectful maternity care of women with high risk pregnancy; demonstrate competency in identifying deviation from normal pregnancy; describe the assessment, initial management, referral and nursing car..
Rs 400.00 Rs 500.00
Publisher: BOOKERA ISBN: 9789392019005
This course helps students to study and learn more about Anatomy & Physiology related topics which they might have learnt before. Its purpose is to help them recollect and understand more about anatomy and how to apply it in their nursing studies and training. It helps them understand therapeu..
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Publisher: BOOKERA ISBN: 9789394875180
Applied Biochemistry is a book that teaches and allows its learners to acquire knowledge about the basic and normal biochemical functions of the human body, its alterations in disease conditions and to apply this knowledge in their nursing practice. It tells them how to describe the metabolism of ..
Rs 300.00 Rs 375.00
Publisher: VPD ISBN: 9789394314047
This book was designed to enable students to acquire an understanding of the fundamentals of Microbiology, how to compare and contrast different microbes and comprehend the means of transmission and how to control spreads that are caused by various microorganisms. It also provides students with a..
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Publisher: BOOKERA ISBN: 9789392019142
The book Applied Psychology is meant for students to develop an understanding and remember what they have learnt about the basic concepts of psychology and its application in personal and community life, health, illness and nursing. It also provides students with an opportunity to recognize the si..
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Publisher: BOOKERA ISBN: 9789394875012
This course is designed to help the students to gain knowledge, learn the appropriate attitudes and beginning competencies essential for applying the basic principles of teaching and learning among individuals and groups both in educational and clinical settings. It also introduces the basics of ..
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Publisher: BOOKERA ISBN: 9789394875043
This Nursing Foundation course is meant to teach students, how to plan, implement and evaluate nursing care using the nursing process approach in supervised clinical settings. It will teach them how to assess the nutritional needs and patients and how to provide relevant care under supervision. It..
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Publisher: BOOKERA ISBN: 9789394875159
This book demonstrates all the practice competencies and skills for beginners that are relevant to provide comprehensive primary health care/community based care to clients with common diseases and disorders including emergency and first aid care at home/clinics/centres as per predetermined protoc..
Rs 320.00 Rs 400.00
Publisher: BOOKERA ISBN: 9789394875111
This book was intended for students to learn and know more about Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, and Behavioural sciences in caring for adult patients. It teaches students about various different topics such as aetiology, pathophysiology, manifestations, diagnostic studies, treatments and compl..
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Publisher: BOOKERA ISBN: 9789394875005
This book contains information about the various types of nutrition and instructions on how to best serve the nutritional and dietary needs of patients. It will help students identify the importance of nutrition in health and wellness, how to apply nutrient and dietary modifications in caring pati..
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