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Publisher: BOOKERA ISBN: 9789394875135
This course on Pathology and Genetics is introduced with the intention that by the time of the completion of the course, the students will be able to - apply the knowledge of pathology in understanding the deviations from normal to abnormal pathology, be able to rationalize the various laboratory ..
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Publisher: BOOKERA ISBN: 9789392019074
This book has been written according to the latest syllabus for Diploma in Pharmacy (part I) Examination. We have tried to present the book in a simple language and easy-to-grasp style to help the students memorize the concepts and reproduce them well in the examination. This book includes the def..
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Publisher: BOOKERA ISBN: 9789394875265
Medical Pharmacology is a mixture of basics in pharmacology and clinical pharmacology, which has routes in pharmacotherapeutics. It is a dynamic subject that furnishes the doctor with the required knowledge and skills to prescribe drugs and evaluate medication therapy to maintain health and allevia..
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Publisher: BOOKERA ISBN: 9789394875333
This course is designed to help students develop broad perspectives of health, its determinants, about community health nursing and understanding about the health care delivery services, health care policies and regulations in India. It helps the students to develop knowledge and understanding of..
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Publisher: BOOKERA ISBN: 9789394875364
This book on Health and Nursing Informatics and Technology teaches students the basics of IT while helping them develop an understanding of computer application in patient care and nursing practice; to apply the knowledge of computer and information technology in patient care and nursing education..
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Publisher: BOOKERA ISBN: 9789392019265
This book ‘Nursing Foundation’ is meant for helping students to learn, understand and comprehend basic nursing care for all adult patients, using the nursing process approach. The students also learn how to apply values, code of ethics and professional conduct, in their lives. It teaches them how ..
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Publisher: BOOKERA ISBN: 9789394875302
This book contains information that will help students to- analyze healthcare trends influencing development of nursing services and education in India, describe the principles, functions and process of management applied to nursing, develop basic understanding and beginning competencies in planni..
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Publisher: BOOKERA ISBN: 9789394875272
The textbook of “COMMUNITY PHARMACY AND MANAGEMENT” contains nine chapters. The content of the book is primarily focused to cover the syllabus of subject community pharmacy and management of D. Pharm. All chapters are given with learning objectives, text on the concept, examples, tables, pictures..
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Publisher: BOOKERA ISBN: 9789392019159
The Covid19 Pandemic has once again reminded us of the need and importance of 'Public Health and Community Medicine'. In these trying times, compiling our first edition of the textbook on Health Education and Community Pharmacy has been an immense pleasure and a ray of hope. The book is designed, k..
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Publisher: BOOKERA ISBN: 9789392019401
 Applied Sociology is a course that teaches students about the various social needs of their sick patients. These can include life problems, culture, social organization or disorganization, family and marriage, etc... It’s important to know how to help and assist ailing patients according to ..
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Publisher: BOOKERA ISBN: 9789394875074
This course helps students to practice Community Health Nursing for individuals, family and groups at rural, urban and tribal settings by applying principles of community health nursing and epidemiological approach. It also helps the students to develop knowledge and competencies required to scree..
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Publisher: BOOKERA ISBN: 9788195062492
A cumulative record book for B.Sc students carries all the essential information for learners of B.Sc learners. All the topics are well defined and briefly explained. Students will find it wonderful guidance and would love to read and learn from it. All the essential practical records are covered..
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