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A Textbook of Pharmacotherapeutics

A Textbook of Pharmacotherapeutics
A Textbook of Pharmacotherapeutics

The content of this book is concise, accurate, specific to the syllabus, and in an easy-to-understand language. We have also provided a simple questionnaire after each chapter for students to check their knowledge after completion of the chapters. Numerous flowcharts and diagrammatic representations are provided for easy understanding as well as preparing for exams. We hope our efforts will be fruitful and that the students will enjoy while studying from this book and do well in their exams as we consider them of primary importance. They are the future of the healthcare industry. We intend to publish the newer versions or amend the current version in case of any updates in the syllabus based on the current healthcare trends available. We also welcome criticism as it will let us grow and improve the data or writing aspects in the book and provide better in the future. For all the students out there, happy learning! 

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  • Publisher: BOOKERA
  • Author: Dr. Rachita NG. & Raisa Shaikh
  • ISBN: 9789394875258
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