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Human Anatomy & Physiology-1

Human Anatomy & Physiology-1
Human Anatomy & Physiology-1

This book “A Textbook of Human Anatomy and Physiology for Nurses” is designed to help students to study and learn more about Anatomy related topics which they might have learnt before. Its purpose is to help them recollect and understand more about anatomy and how to apply it in their nursing studies and training. The book involves information regarding the different systems in the body along with their structure and functions as well. It also teaches readers how to apply their knowledge of anatomical structures to analyse critical situations and therapeutic applications so that they will be able to properly hand out treatment or diagnose possible problems when dealing with their patients. Whereas, Applied Physiology part help them recollect and learn more so that they can apply their physiology to their medical practices. It teaches them how to comprehend the normal functions of the various organ systems in the body and to be able to identify abnormalities or alterations in its functions. It provides students with the required knowledge needed for their practice while also helping them learn new concepts. It includes knowledge about the Skeletal, Nervous, Integumentary system, Cardiovascular etc... systems; with in-depth explanations of their structure, function and use with suitable examples and knowledge from trustworthy sources. Students will also be able to identify the relative contribution of each organ system towards the maintenance of homeostasis and will also be able to understand the normal functioning of various organ systems in the human body.

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